Meet Zoned-In Home Inspections

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jerry Righter, and I am the owner of Zoned-in Home Inspections, LLC.  I was born and raised in Ohio, but have lived in Florida for over 30 years.   I have been involved in construction since my teens, performing everything from new construction, residential/ commercial electric installation and home remodeling.   I spent the last 20 years as a high school teacher and use this skill to educate my clients on their home.  I look forward to meeting you and serving your needs as a client.


Jerry Righter

Over 30 years construction experience and a retired High School teacher.  My goal is to provide a comprehensive home inspection that not only informs, but educates my clients on one of the most important investments you will ever make.   I  am a State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector, (HI 117414)